Yes, you read the title correctly and yes, even I’m amazed that I am broaching such a subject. However I’ve been lucky enough this year to have visited Holyrood, Brussels and Westminster which has given me quite an insight into how governments work. Don’t worry I am not going to push my political beliefs on […]

A Chaotic Week

Where to start? Well, as you can see my blog is a wee bit late as it should have been published last week. However to say last week was chaotic was an understatement. On Tuesday I was in South and West Cumbria most of the day and on Wednesday I spent the day in Kendal. […]

A celebratory week

Well, I’ve did it!! At the beginning of the week I turned 40 but have to say it has made no difference whatsoever to me except having a lovely day. Anyhow prior to celebrating my birthday I headed to the House o Hill Hotel on Saturday night to celebrate that great poet Rabbie Burns with […]

Me again!

Well this is the third week running that I’ve managed to post. However I wouldn’t be surprised if I don’t keep this up! I do intend to, but life always seems to get in the way. So the beginning of the week was supposedly blue Monday. Its the day that we are most likely to […]

So who am I?

If I’m going to start a blog then I suppose it would help if you know a bit about me. Well I am a Scots Lass and very proud of this fact. My background is in agriculture and I’ve held quite a few posts through it but I currently deal with wildlife in my day […]

The beginning and why

The why is that I have a big birthday this year and as a new years resolution I decided that I would make a list of forty things that I had to do in 2016 and this is one of them – start a blog! I┬árun a couple of businesses which both feature quite heavily […]