Yes, you read the title correctly and yes, even I’m amazed that I am broaching such a subject.

However I’ve been lucky enough this year to have visited Holyrood, Brussels and Westminster which has given me quite an insight into how governments work.


Don’t worry I am not going to push my political beliefs on to you, as that is something that I totally disagree with. But I thought I would give you some food for thought on my insights.

All we get to know about politics is what we see in the press or watch on the news. The commons for example is always portrayed as lots of big kids squabbling. Europe is hardly mentioned, oh well that was until a referendum was announced. Holyrood is hardly mentioned except for when things go wrong , though the upcoming elections are starting to gain momentum.

But what about all the other work that goes on behind the scenes, the hours that not only the politicians put in but also all their staff. We get to hear about the expenses, the second homes and all the other bad publicity but we never hear about any of the good work that they do. What about the long hours that are put in every day and the time that is spent away from their families.

Now this isn’t about sticking up for politicians either but it is to make you stop and think that there are two sides to every story. I know I certainly had my eyes opened over these last few months.

Did you also know that your politician is very approachable? I’ve met quite a few recently of all different parties and what I can say is that they are all very friendly, want to hear your opinions and will find the time to talk to you. So why not send them an email, go to a surgery or even the old fashioned way of writing a letter. We’ve elected them and if we’re not happy with how things are then we have to tell them. They are not mind readers, they are not going to read your social media rants. If you have something to say then tell them!IMG_4510.JPG

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