My week and a wee rant

My blog is a wee bit late this week but I’ve been at a trade show for half the week in Glasgow. I arrived last Saturday and got set up before meeting friends for a drink and something to eat in the evening. We’re all a fan of good ales so was really pleased when they suggested going to Bier Halle. We had a couple of rounds and the selection was fantastic. In fact if we hadn’t booked to go for a meal, I think we’d have stayed as the food that was on offer looked extremely tempting. But as I said we had already booked a table at Chop Chop and I am so glad we went. We were recommended the banquet and at £20.95/person it was an absolute bargain. My only regret was not taking any photos to post on here. We had a fantastic selection of food and everyone was really  pleased with the food.

I then had a great three days at the trade show with some great conversations with fellow traders in the evening. It was part of one of these conversations that brings me to my wee rant, “the sugar tax”.


So it has been decided that those in power should consider introducing a sugar tax due to the state of the nation and the amount of people that are overweight, especially children. Has anyone ever considered that maybe sugar isn’t the problem but possible the lifestyle that a lot of people now lead? Yes, I know that there a lot more sugary drinks available but I also know that we don’t exercise anywhere as near as much as we used to do. We never had computers, ipads, x-box’s etc. when we were children. We used to get home from school and couldn’t wait to dump our bags to get back outside. But those days seem to be a distance memory. In fact as adults we also seem to spend an awful lot of time sitting in front of computers. Maybe we should spend some time working this amount of time out, and then try to reduce it. Go on, go for a walk in the evening or during your lunch break. Try change your lifestyle even slightly and I bet you’ll notice an improvement.

So yes I am against the sugar tax but I am very much for changing our lifestyles. We only need to take small steps at a time, go for that walk or try to limit the time spend in front of a computer screen. You can do it. It has got me thinking and I am making a conscious effort to walk more every day.

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