Me again!

Well this is the third week running that I’ve managed to post. However I wouldn’t be surprised if I don’t keep this up! I do intend to, but life always seems to get in the way.

So the beginning of the week was supposedly blue Monday. Its the day that we are most likely to give up our new year resolutions if we made any. But hey if I am still writing then I’m going against the stats! It is however just over a week until my birthday and I haven’t completed my list of 40 things to do. This list just isn’t for my birthday though, it’s to last all year. Well you are the same age for a whole year, so why just celebrate for the one day!

One of the things that I want to do but haven’t added to my list is to lose weight. I managed it a few years ago but it has slowly crept back on. I don’t diet as such but do calorie count using the My Fitness Pal app. I’m not usually open about this but a friend mentioned today that she also uses the app. So instead of being secretive about it, I’ve actually friended her on the app. Now I’m hoping this will strengthen my resolve to keep at it. I shouldn’t be making excuses but my work pattern does not help with watching what I eat.

I also want to take more photographs and share them. I have a personal instagram account which was hardly used so I have re-activated and it has been getting quite a bit of use already. Including all the snow photos that I took over the weekend on the way to and from Edinburgh, including this one.


The scenery was stunning on the drive home from Edinburgh on Sunday. Aye it’s fantastic to look at but awful to work in. The views continued like this right up until we got close to home and then suddenly it all disappeared and we returned to a very wet landscape. 🙁


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