The beginning and why

The why is that I have a big birthday this year and as a new years resolution I decided that I would make a list of forty things that I had to do in 2016 and this is one of them – start a blog!

I run a couple of businesses which both feature quite heavily on social media but I have to be restrained on what I post on them. So on the 30th December I took the decision to use my personal Twitter account more and tweeted the following “Not been using this account enough & decided that need to. So all those opinions I have & suppress on business accounts will be tweeted here”.

But then I thought why just Twitter? So I have reinstated my personal Instagram account and have began Scots Lass Shenanigans as well.

So join me in my musings, feel happy to agree or disagree as I take you not only on a journey of my personal opinions but also keep you up to date on my list of 40 things to do in 2016! (this was number 17 on the list)


This is number 15 which is still ongoing (walk 10 miles/week on average).


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